Daily Prompt: Happily Ever After

“And they lived happily ever after.” Think about this line for a few minutes. Are you living happily ever after? If not, what will it take for you to get there?

I once saw a bumper sticker that said, “If you’re not angry, then you’re not paying attention.” I remember being slightly offended by it at first, then thinking that that’s no way to go through life. There’s always going to be something in the world to be angry about, which would mean that according to this bumper sticker, you should be angry all the time. It also lays a guilt trip on people for being happy. How screwed up is that?

Maybe angry people get things done, but do angry people make the world a better place? I don’t think so. In fact, the author of that bumper sticker is the type of person I would go out of my way to avoid.

The best people, the type I want to hang out with, are the ones who know that their lives aren’t perfect, that there’s more to do, but manage to find something to be happy about now. I try to be one of those people, and that’s where Happily Ever After truly lies.